Taking the theory exam

At Examencentrum we will be happy to tell you more about taking your theory exam. We will go into more specific details about how it works at the CBR examination centre. Would you like to know more about the number of questions, what to bring with you and how long the exam takes? Take a look at our page about how the CBR theory exam works.

At the exam centre

Did you book your theory exam for your passenger car at one of the CBR locations? Then make sure you are on time on the day of the exam; come at least fifteen minutes in advance.

aanmeldzuil voor het theorie-examen


You will need your reservation number to register. You have received this in a letter or e-mail from the CBR. Enter the number at the registration desk and check your details.

kluisjes op de CBR locatie


There are lockers in the exam centre where you are required to put all your belongings such as jackets, bags, watches, electronic equipment (including cell phones), metal objects (keys, belt). Do keep your ID and reservation number at hand!

beeldscherm met status per reserveringsnummer


Sit in the waiting room and wait for your turn. There are screens in the room where you can see your reservation number and your status:

  • Applied: means you'll be called up as soon as there's a space available.
  • Belongings in locker: You only have to do this if you haven't already.
  • Go to start exam: It's your turn. Report to the 'Start exam' desk.

balie inchecken theorie-examen


You have registered at the 'Start exam' desk and have checked in. A member of staff will check your ID and give you your table number. Are you taking an exam with extra time and audio, for example because you have dyslexia or autism? Then you can also get earplugs here.

CBR theorie-examen afneem ruimte

The exam

You've gotten your table number, so you know where to sit. Put your proof of identity on the table and enter your reservation number. Check that your email address is correct and then choose 'Start'. Follow the on-screen instructions. There will be someone walking around the exam room who you can always ask for help. The exam itself works exactly the same way as at Examencentrum.

End of exam

When you're done with the exam, you'll get the results immediately. The results will also be sent to you by email. These will usually be sent to you after a few hours. You leave the exam room and take your belongings out of the locker.

Practice for your CBR theory exam

Start practising right away