How does practising at Examencentrum work?

At Examencentrum, you can practice theory exams. To practice the theory exam, we ask you to pay a fee in the form of a credit. Each theory exam uses up one credit at a time. Credits can be purchased individually, but you can also buy more than one at a time. The more you buy at a time, the cheaper they become.

If you want to buy multiple credits at the same time and take advantage of a wide range of other benefits, you can create an account. Your unused credits will then be saved. You will also be able to keep track of the exams you have already taken and your results.

You'll practice for the theory exam exactly like you would take the real CBR theory exam. Afterwards, you will, of course, see whether you passed or failed. But you will also receive an extensive analysis and a detailed explanation per question.

Why practice your theory exams at Examencentrum?

On the internet, you'll find a lot of websites where you can practice your theory exams. Most websites are not reliable and offer theory exams that aren't anything like the actual exam. On those websites, you're wasting your time, and you won't be able to pass the real CBR theory exam, either.

The questions on the real CBR theory exam are confidential. You won't find those questions anywhere on the internet, not even with us. You may come across similar questions that look a lot like the questions on the CBR exams.

Examencentrum updates the questions that may appear in tomorrow's exam every day. We have several sources we use:

  • The CBR: they periodically let us know which subjects will be included in or excluded from the exam;
  • The Dutch government: they let us know when Dutch legislation is going to change;
  • The European government: they let us know which European laws and guidelines are going to be changed;
  • Exam feedback: While checking a practice exam, you can give feedback on every question. We check every question with feedback on a daily basis;
  • Tips/suggestions: Did you come across a question at the CBR that you didn't see in one of our exams? Report it to us! You received help; now you can help others.

You won't find free or cheap practice exams at Examencentrum. Examencentrum only provides you with the best theory exams to make sure you're as prepared as possible for the real CBR theory exam. You can take a free passenger car test to get a feel for our real practice exams and to see if it works for you.

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More than 10,000 theory exam questions

At Examencentrum, you'll find more than 10,000 questions. No website has more questions and practice than at Examencentrum. And all of our questions are asked exactly the same way as they are by the CBR. So there will be no surprises when you take the real theory exam at the CBR.

Practice free theory exams

Practicing the theory exam at examencentrum is not only educational, but also fun. You can purchase credits to practice theory exams, but you can also earn them if you have an account. There are several ways to earn credits.

Invite a friend

When you invite a friend and they create an account at examencentrum, you both receive a credit as a gift that allows you to practice a theory exam of your choice.

Question of the week

Every week you can win 10 free practice exams! Answer our theory question of the week on Facebook.

Make a flawless theory exam *

Do you make a theory exam completely error-free? Then you will receive a credit from us as a gift. You can then practice a theory exam for free.

Pass 5 times in a row *

If you pass a theory exam 5 times in a row, we always reward that with a credit. All theory exams you practice from than on are free as long as you continue to pass.

* This only applies if you are logged in and take a complete theory exam, not the shortened test exam.

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