How do the credits work?

To be able to practise for the passenger car, motorcycle or moped theory exams you will need credits. You can buy credits separately, but also several credits at the same time. The more credits you buy at the same time, the cheaper they are.

You can only buy more credits at once if you have an account. Don't have an account yet or don't want an account? Then you can only buy single credits.

Credits can be used for all exams on this website. Regardless of which driver's license or language.

If an error occurs while taking the exam, you can take the exam again at no additional cost.

If you have an account, you will find an overview of credits purchased and theory exams taken in your personal overview. You will also find the credit balance. The balance is also at the top of every page.

Always try the free mock exam first. This will give you a good impression of how an exam works and what you can expect. Because unused credits will not be refunded.

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