Filling in the health statement (not for moped)

If you want to get your driver's licence, you are required to fill in a health statement. This will prove that you are healthy enough to drive safely on the road. In the health statement, you answer questions, for example about medication you are taking or about physical limitations. You can fill in the declaration at the CBR. You will need your own DigiD DigiD to do so.

Do I need to see a medical professional?

Do you have epilepsy or vision problems? Then you may need a report from a doctor or specialist. This will be indicated by the CBR. You may also be invited to take a driving test. The CBR will then decide whether you are fit to drive. on mobile

Go to and click on the DigiD logo to log in. Choose the log in by text option. Enter your DigiD and password. navigation

Health statement

Choose 'Fill in health statement'. Then click 'Start' and answer all of the questions truthfully.

sms notification


The health statement needs to by signed with a text code. Follow the instructions on the screen.

pay with ideal logo


The health statement costs about 40 euro. You have to pay immediately with iDeal. Remember: the health statement will only be submitted after you have paid!

mail ontvangen notificatie

CBR driving suitability assessment

You will receive an email notification when there is a message for you. This can be:

  • the acknowledgement of receipt of the statement;
  • an overview of your answers;
  • the Certificate of Fitness;
  • or the request to contact a doctor.

Notify your driving school of any changes.

The CBR assesses whether you are fit to drive. That can happen very quickly. It can also take some time. See cbr gezondheidsverklaring for more information about this process.

Practice for your CBR theory exam

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