Booking a CBR theory exam

After you learn traffic theory, you may take your theory exam. That's what you do at the CBR. To be able to take a theory exam, you first need to book an exam. You can do that via To be able to book an exam via, you need a DigiD or the DigiD app. You will also need this later to apply for a statement of health and authorisation for your practical exam.

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The DigiD is - as the name suggests - a kind of digital identification document. Because of this, the authority where you want to log in knows who you are, without actually having to show an identity card, passport or driver's licence. Request DigiD for free or download the DigiD app at op een mobiel

In general, it is not necessary to log in to, including a check via text message or app, unless you are going to apply for your statement of health.

Because you are going to book your theory exam, you can log in without any extra check by text message. Then you can choose between logging in with the DigiD app or with a username and password.

Logging in with the DigiD app is easy; you only need the pin code you chose. Do you always log in with your username and password? If so, make sure that you store and protect this data properly, so that people cannot misuse it. navigatie menu

Booking a theory exam

Choose to book or change theory exams. Then choose to book a theory exam. Indicate for which type of vehicle you want to do a theory exam, for example, car, motorcycle or moped. Would you like to do a theory exam in another language, with extra time, with an interpreter or individual guidance? You can indicate that here as well.

Date and exam location

You can now start searching on a specific date at a specific location. You search for multiple options by clicking on them. When there are places available, you can click on a specific time. Note: You must be at the location 15 minutes in advance, keep this in mind!

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Attention! You have only booked the theory exam after paying. You can only pay with iDeal. The fees are stated clearly.

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Letter of invitation

You will receive a letter of invitation by email. This invitation letter is important because it contains the location, date, time and your reservation number. Take the letter (or number) with you to your theory exam. Always bring a valid proof of identity! Attention: You have to be at the location 15 minutes in advance, keep this in mind!

Practice for your CBR theory exam

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