Authorise driving school (only for the passenger car)

What does it mean, authorising your driving school? By doing so, you give official permission for the driving school to book the practical exam for you with the CBR. You authorise your driving school through the CBR. Make sure you have the correct CBR driving school number. This can be found in the details of your driving school. You will need your own DigiD to log in to the CBR. As soon as you have authorised your driving school, you will receive a confirmation from the CBR.

Withdrawing authorisation

Would you like to change driving schools, for example because you are moving house or are unsatisfied? If you have already authorised your current driving school to book a practical exam for you, you must withdraw this authorisation at the CBR. At Examencentrum we will gladly help you with tips to choose a good driving school.

Driving school number

Ask your driving school for their driving school number or look it up on The driving school number consists of 4 numbers, followed by a letter and a number.

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To log in you will need a DigiD. If you do not have a DigiD yet, you will need to apply for one. Go to and click on the DigiD logo to log in. navigatie menu

Authorising a driving school

Choose to authorise your driving school. Go through all the steps and check if the name of the driving school on the screen matches the name of the driving school where you actually are taking lessons.

mail ontvangen notificatie


You will receive confirmation of the authorisation by email. Notify your driving school of the authorisation. Your driving school can then book the practical exam for you.

Practice for your CBR theory exam

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