Applying for a supervisor's pass

If you participate in 2toDrive, you will need a supervisor's pass. This allows you - if you have obtained your driver's licence - to drive on the road with a coach from the age of 17. You may apply for the pass from the age of 16.5. Your coach(es) will register first. This can be done via As soon as your coach(es) has/have registered, you can apply for your supervisor's pass on the same website. You must have applied for your supervisor's pass before you can apply for your driver's licence at the municipality.

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Your coach(es) and you can request DigiD for free or download the DigiD app via You can choose who your coaches will be, this can be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5. A coach needs to have held a Dutch driver's licence for at least 5 years and be at least 27 years old.

The Digid is - as the name suggests - your digital identity card. With this, governmental agencies will know it is you, without the need for a passport, identity card or driver's licence. The DigiD app is convenient, because you only need a PIN code. To log in normally, you need your username and password.

Register coaches

Your coach registers via The coach can register for free. In order for them to register as a coach for you, your coach needs your citizen service number (BSN). The idea of the coach(es) is that he or she always rides with you, until you are 18 years old. The coach sits next to you in the car, but does not operate the car. It is also not the intention that a coach corrects or teaches you.

Applying for a supervisor's pass

After all coaches have registered, you can apply for your supervisor's pass via

Attention You can only apply for your supervisor's pass once the registration of your coach(es) has been approved by the RDW. Your coach(es) will hear back within 5 working days. You also apply for your supervisor's pass via After you have logged in with your DigiD, your coach(es) will appear on the screen. Choose your coach(es) and pay the requested amount.

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Within 10 working days

If your application has been approved by the RDW, you will receive the supervisor's pass within 10 working days. Below is an example of what the pass will look like.

Applying for a driver's licence

Once you have received your supervisor's pass, apply for your driving licence at the municipality. If you hit the road before the age of 18, make sure that you always have your driver's licence, supervisor's pass and coach with you.

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