Applying for a driving licence

Did you pass? Congratulations! After the driving test you can apply for your driving licence at the municipality where you live. We will be happy to tell you more at Examencentrum.

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Supervisor's pass (only for 2toDrive)

In order to apply for a driving licence when you're younger than 18, you'll need a supervisor's pass. If you don't have one yet, you'll need to apply for this first.

Making an appointment with the municipality

To apply for a driving licence, you must first make an appointment with the municipality in which you live. Usually you can do this via the website of the municipality.

passport photograph

Passport photo

If you go to a photographer to make the passport photos for your driving licence, please tell the photographer you need passport photos. The photographer should know what is expected of such a photo. If you want to know exactly what the requirements are, take a look at this page of the central government about the requirements of a passport photo.

Valid identification document

You should already have a valid proof of identity, which is mandatory. That's why we're not going to bother you with the requirements of an identity document. Make sure, however, that your proof of identity is not damaged. You also need to bring your original proof of identity with you, a copy will not suffice.

Don't wait too long

It is advisable to apply for your driving licence quickly at your municipality. The certificate of the CBR that you are medically fit to drive a vehicle (your Certificate of Fitness) remains valid for 1 year. Your result (passed!) is valid for 3 years.

What to bring with you to the municipality

You will need to bring the following to the municipality:

  • A passport photo meeting the legal requirements
  • A valid identification document
  • Your current driving licence if you already hold one
  • You supervisor's pass (only for 2toDrive)
  • A debit card or cash

The driving licence will usually be ready 5 to 6 workdays following the application. Usually this can be done quicker for an additional fee. You need to apply for and pick up your driving licence yourself. Please note: Don't drive before you receive the official driving licence!

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